Yoga Gifts for The Ones You Love This Holiday Season

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Are you looking to surprise your favorite people with a yogic gift this holiday season? Look no further as our ideas give you inspiration for every yogi and every budget!

1. A New Yoga Mat

The yoga mat is an often-underappreciated piece of exercise equipment. It takes our weight, supports our poses, and keeps us off the cold floor. For most of us who are practicing yoga every day, we probably haven’t even noticed that our mat has gotten a little worse for wear. Gift your loved ones a new, shiny mat, and it could reinvigorate their whole practice. If you know they have trouble with their knees, get an extra thick mat that will support them and help them to achieve those poses that have just been too painful so far.

2. A New Outfit

Unlike other clothes, it can be common for us to keep our exercise wardrobe fairly small. Whilst this might seem practical, it can quickly become boring constantly washing and wearing the same pair of leggings. Treat your loved ones to a new pair of yoga pants and a great top with a fun slogan, and they’re sure to thank you.

3. A Great Bag

There’s nothing more annoying than trying to cram all of your exercise gear into your bag, only to realize that you also need to carry your mat and there’s no room for your water bottle. Relieve this stress by picking up a great yoga bag with lots of space. You can opt for practical simplicity, a beautiful design, or even a hilarious slogan. 

4. Yoga Books

Help them to take their practice even further by selecting a book tailored to their needs. Books are available on the anatomy of yoga, the spiritual elements of the practice, and even what to eat to complement the poses.

5. Something to Set the Mood

If your loved ones practice yoga at home, then something to help set the mood for their practice might be a perfect gift. There are lots of great candles available that will calm or energize the mind, depending on what is needed. Alternatively, choose a set of essential oils that they can blend for every moment.

6. A Reminder of Their Mantra

Affirmations or mantras can be a key element of the yogic lifestyle for some. A necklace or a bracelet with the words of this mantra makes a poignant and special gift. If they regularly meditate on different mantras, a simple lotus necklace or a set of mala beads can be perfect for giving them focus and setting their intentions.

7. A Yoga Retreat

Whilst this might be towards the pricier end of the gift market, it is a stunning gift for someone really special to you. Carefully consider (or ask them) what they might be looking for in a retreat and book accordingly. There are tons of locations available, whether it’s a tropical island or a cozy cottage in the countryside. Some retreats will offer yoga classes, whilst others might focus on meditation or complete silence.

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