Clearing Out Negative Energy From Your Home Or Personal Space

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A home, or personal space, is a place you feel most at ease; most like ourselves; most relaxed; even most energized. Whether this space is somewhere where you spend a lot of time or your refuge when you return from a long day, if it feels like there is negative energy within it can negatively impact you. 

One of the best ways to clear out negative energy is to provide your space or home with things that provide you with positive energy. This positive energy will not only clear out the negative energy that may be bringing you down but may also restore balance in your life and bring a sense of harmony back into your world.

Bring Greenery Into Your Home

Plants have a great living energy vibe and, as such, can provide your space with a way to purify the air in the most natural sense. Not only can they decorate your place, but they also have a functional purpose. There is no reason to stick with green plants either; there are many kinds that have a variety of color to add that missing something you may need to brighten your room and your day. 

Plants can also lower indoor air pollution, give you extra oxygen, can reduce stress levels, and can soothe the senses through their unique smell and appearance. 

Burning Sage Or Incense 

Prepare your room by opening any windows to allow for the negative energy to escape. Then light a rolled stick of sage, or using an incense holder, light the end of an incense cone or stick. 

With the sage, you want to think of an intention, focus your thoughts on removing negative energy, and direct the sage in a clockwise fanning motion around the area you feel needs a cleanse. 

With the incense, light it so that it catches on fire, then blow it out and let it burn slowly down, releasing its smoke into space. Incense has a wide variety of smells that be used, some for personal preference, some that relate to how you want to feel. For example, if you want a relaxed atmosphere, you might want to try lavender; if you want to increase energy, you could try one with a peppermint smell. 

Try Using A Salt Lamp

Salt lamps release negative ions when they are lit. The surrounding air is naturally full of positive ions that are associated with feelings of lethargy and confinement. When the lamp is lit, it is great at providing a neutralizing effect on many air pollutants, such as: 

  • Pet Dander
  • Dust
  • Cooking smells
  • Smoke
  • Air pollution, and more. 

These lamps also provide a delicate light source that can be a great accompaniment for someone who wants minimal light during meditation or yogic sleep but does not want the harsh effects of fluorescent light or natural daylight. 

These are just some of the few ways you can clear out negative energy from your personal space. Everyone needs to feel at home somewhere, and when this place is disrupted with negative energy, it can affect our entire system, physically, mentally, and spiritually. Try some of these tips to help restore balance within your favorite surroundings.

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